Merchandising and special projects

Merchandising prêt-à-porter

Camac Arti Grafiche has developed a strong experience in the field of merchandising and special projects over the years. Our know-how enables us to develop custom projects, working closely throughout all the stages, from the layout developed together with the customer, through the creation of the pre-production sample, to the production and delivery.
Thanks to the large selection of products available from our Action Wear catalogue, we are able to create private label projects by replacing the original label with the customer’s one, by customizing the product with prints, embroideries, applications, and all kinds of accessories.

Flexible B2B

The experience and expertise acquired over the years of work, allow us to offer an important and detailed consultation that will enable you to meet the needs and expectations that your end customers demand.

We are highly flexible, able to produce both orders of products with elevated qualitative content, and very large orders with highly competitive target.

Camac Arti Grafiche has been operating for over 30 years in providing printing services for variuos fashion industries, in the production and distribution of promotional clothing, sportswear, workwear.